Wednesday, October 16, 2013

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Lee R. Von Hofe
Converse College
'15 MAT in Special Education: Learning Disabilities

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

World Map

Many months of work have finally paid off. I had wanted to leave behind something tangible for the kids to look at for years to come while they are here. The world map project is something that PCVs from around the world engage incorporate their community in; I wanted the same thing for my school. 
Peace Corps provided us with a manual for the entire project; from drawing the borders, grids, drawing the countries, painting and labeling.
I had numerous kids help, which was a blessing. I want to mention this before I go any further the KIDS did all of the work except painting the ocean blue background. I did not intentionally go around the school and ask kids to help. I started working on the map and once they saw what I was doing they wanted to chip in. For several weeks I tweaked and tweaked the borders of the map. Without it being square the whole map will be off. I think pictures will better tell the story.

Grids were drawn.

Countries were drawn using the grid sheet.

I examine the next move. 

Andrew, class 5, was the boss when either I was there or not. He had significant role in 
every aspect of the map project.

All of the kids that assisted with any aspect of the map got the honor of painting their
 name above the map.